• The future of work is for everyone



    We are curious 'grownups' who believe the future of work is for everyone.  


    We explore this new world of work and enable each other to try out and discover exciting opportunities from finding a new project or team, starting a business - or both, or even going on a big adventure. 


    What have Grownups been talking about and doing? 

    How to make the jump? - Collecting & sharing Grownup stories
    "How to...?" - a series of workshops

    Creating new ideas in startup events

    Getting into the new game - a personal, hands-on opportunity mapping


    What is the 'future of work'?

    The digital world, a global mindset & new networks
    Entrepreneurial & co-creating ideas and solving real problems in diverse teams
    Less 'work' and more 'projects that matter to me and to others'



    We still believe that the future of work is about startups and entrepreneurs, and about diversity to create growth. However, the timing was not right and we did not find a viable business model. When active, we tested meetups and other events as a platform to share ideas, stories and co-create new opportunities.

    25 March, 2015

    How to Turn Megatrends into Opportunities? Trends for Growth: Mobility & Urbanisation in Africa


    At Sitra (the Finnish Innovation Fund) premises a studio discussion about how to create opportunities in Africa based on the mobile way of life and the increasing role of cities?


    Themes: Mobility and Urbanisation. Heikki Mäkilä shared his personal experiences and learnings of doing business in Africa. Aalto University students Zita Floret and Marleen Wieringa discussed about their project Sanitation Improvement and Social Enterprise in Dar es Salaam.

    28 November, 2014

    Some Tools: Reframe and Business Model You

    NewCo Factory, Ensi linja 1, Helsinki


    Discussion around Reframing and working on Business Model You.


    21 October, 2014

    Meetup: Follow-up on Exploring the New Game - Crafting you Future Work Opportunities

    Helsinki Think Company, Vuorikatu 5


    Networking and sharing ideas. 



    7 October, 2014

    Exploring the New Game – Crafting My Future Work Opportunities - How do I find my place in the new work life as a grownup?


    One-day workshop at Sitra (the Finnish Innovation Fund), Helsinki


    Finland and its grownup talent need to join forces to find new perspective, inspiration and models. Grownups for Startups initiated and designed a workshop to encourage talent from diverse disciplines to start co-reating personal work opportunities and new businesses with creative, disruptive methods.

    Experts and Facilitators:

    Grownups for Startups: Tuija Pulkkinen, founder and a Helsinki-based innovation consultant, and Tuula Angervuo

    Lieselotte Nooyen, an Amsterdam-based facilitator of creative processes and an improvisor

    Heather Moore, a Berlin-based futurist, transformation catalyst, innovation consultant and startup founder

    Mercedes de Miranda, a Stockholm-based mentor, Acceleration Team of THNK, business & career coach

    17 June, 2014

    Tribes, Treehouses & Travel Startups with Ben Keene

    Helsinki Think Company


    Ben joined us in Helsinki to share stories on building Tribewanted and other startups. We then discussed business models and our own motivations for starting a big idea.




    Growing up from Corporate to Creating Opportunities

    When the global recession hit in 2009 Tuija lost her childhood career dream, working as an expat executive. She tried to get it back but soon realised that she was pigeonholed as 'too experienced' and labelled as "Sales only".


    Slowly Tuija discovered she wasn't the only one feeling disconnected and discarded and decided to do something about it. That decision was the beginning of a new working identity but a whole new era too.


    Tuija's Story


    Growing up from Lifelong Corporate to New Topics & Multiple Projects


    "I had the luxury of a long, multi-layered career in a single company. This is something not many will have in the future. But the future will open up completely new paths and possibilities. I have a huge opportunity to get into projects that interest me,  learn new skills, and do as much as I choose "


    Tuula's Story


    Growing up from a 'Telecom Marketing Executive'...

    "My employer decided to cut investment in the innovation space around big data. I started looking for jobs to see whether I could drive my vision with other companies. But I soon found out that hiring was conservative: I would only be considered for jobs such as I had just left. I was not interested. So I did not find an employer with the right context for what I wanted to do.


    So I decided to give it a go myself."


    Patrick's Story


    Grownup from Lawyer and Nonprofit Director to Healthcare Startup


    "I realized at 49 that I had to remake myself and open my eyes to the new world of possibilities. I had to create my future and job opportunities. I wondered could I apply these skills to becoming a real innovator and entrepreneur..."

    Susan's Story


    Growing up from Technical Problem Solver via Startup Founder to Public Sector Innovator

    "At the moment I feel I have achieved a next level, where I can do what I am compassionate about, what I believe in. I also want to leverage that excitement, confidence and desire to engage others - customers, partners, suppliers".


    Heikki's Story